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I've been artistic director of Neworld since 2005. The company was founded by my buddy, Camyar Chai, and has grown into one of the best-known independent producers in the Vancouver scene. Until 2013 I ran Neworld with my pal Adrienne Wong. 


Neworld produces 2-4 new shows a year, and often tours them nationally and/or internationally. Most are original and many focus on stories, experiences, and/or points of views that are sanitized in mainstream culture. We're described as political and activist and sometimes as funny.

Best known for: Winners and Losers, the Ali and Ali post-identity satires, adaptations of novels like Crime and Punishment and Adrift, and real-world installations like PodPlays. Collaboration is central to what we do and how we do it. Our annual budget is in the 350 - 500k range, depending on the season.