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Ian Geldart, Mariana Tayler & David Sklar in the original production. 

Fatima is a typical Canadian young woman, rebelling against her strict parents. When anti-Muslim graffiti appears on the school walls, this hijab-wearing teenager is transferred to a new school. There, she makes an unlikely friendship with Jorah, a boy who has a reputation for anger issues. As their mutual attraction grows, the lines they cross to get closer together become the subject of an intense exploration of boundaries. Jabber examines assumptions based on appearances within the school world – where a diverse student population must learn to negotiate cross-cultural respect and mutual understanding.


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Jabber was commissioned by Geordie Theatre in Montreal in 2011, and premiered on tour through Quebec and the Maritimes in 2012/13, and at Young People's Theatre in Toronto the following season. The show was directed by Amanda Kellock. I had a terrific time writing for teenagers, and hope to do more of that. It is currenlty being translated into french by Marise Warda. 


Hanging with the cast between shows at a school in Laval (around Christmas-time I presume, given the stage dressing ...)