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winners and losers


"Winners and Losers makes us question how we form judgments based on nationality, education, and other backgrounds — demonstrating how thoroughly they divide us. What starts as a sly and often funny game of differences ends up as a nuanced and unsettling show. Definitely a winner." - Village Voice


“Winners and Losers is one of the most exciting, intelligent—and entertaining—shows you’ll see this season.”  –  The Georgia Straight 


“As the crowd was leaving the theatre after the performance of Winners and Losers, one man kept repeating “Formidable!” to his companion. This captures to perfection the hour and a half of verbal fireworks we had just witnessed. A verbal tour de force.” -- **** (out of four), The Globe and Mail


" ... as emotionally bracing as it is intellectually stimulating, a punch in the gut that packs deep insights into the problem of fit between people and categories." -- Performance Place Politics

Winners and Losers 

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Winners and Losers begins as a conversation between lifelong friends. Theatre artists Marcus Youssef and James Long sit at a table and play a game they made up, naming people, places and things and debating whether they are winners or losers. But as the competition heats up things get personal. The focus of debate shifts from Pamela Anderson, microwave ovens and Goldman Sachs to social class and family histories, and the ruthless logic of capitalism that the players had embraced is brought to bear on their closest and most personal relationships.


Combining scripted and improvised performance, Winners and Losers questions whether one friendship can survive, or even be strengthened by, such excruciating honesty.






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Presented at: Gateway Theatre, PuSh International Performing Arts Festival, Festival Transamerique (QC), Magnetic North Festival (ON), Brighton Festival (UK), Norderzone Festival (NL), Aarhus Festival (DK), LOKAL (IS), Terni Festival (IT), Dublin Theatre Festival (IR), Crow's Theatre/Canadian Stage, Citadel Theatre (Edmonton), On the Boards (Seattle), Wooly Mammoth (DC), Soho Rep (Off-Broadway), Artists Repertory (Portland), High Performance Rodeo (Calgary)